Are you ready to put your career on wings?

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At KF Aerospace, we offer careers in a wide variety of areas and accept resumes for positions at the following locations:

  • Kelowna, BC Base – Head Office, Flight Operations, Maintenance & Engineering

  • Hamilton, ON Base - Maintenance & Engineering

  • Southport, MB Base - Flight Training, Maintenance, Administration

  • Vancouver, BC Base - Flight Operations, Maintenance & Engineering

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KELOWNA, BC BASE – Head Office

Aircraft Maintenance: AME Mechanics (M), Avionics (E) and Structures (S) Licensed & Apprentice; Component and Landing Gear Technicians; Aviation Machinists; Aircraft Painters and Groomers; Interior Technicians; Plating Technicians; Avionic Shop Technicians and Assemblers; Project Coordinators and Crew Chiefs.

Maintenance Support: Technical Records; Maintenance Planning; Production Support; Facilities; Ground Equipment Services; Non Destructive Testing.

Engineering:  Aerospace Engineers, Technical Writers

Corporate:  Quality Assurance Auditors; Quality Control Inspectors; Manufacturing Engineering Planners; Instructors; Information Technology; Business Development; Accounting; Human Resources.

Cargo Operations: Pilots; Flight Dispatchers; Crew Schedulers; Administrative Support; Cargo Operations Support.

Supply Chain: Parts/Tool Counter Support; Warehouse; Shipping/Receiving; Purchasing; Sales.


Hamilton, ON Base

Aircraft Maintenance: AME Mechanics (M), Avionics (E) and Structures (S) - Licensed & Apprentice; Component Technicians; Engine Service Technicians; Aircraft Painters /Groomers.

Maintenance Support:  Production Support; Supply Chain (Parts/Tool Counter Support and Shipping/Receiving); Facilities; Ground Equipment Services.


Southport, MB Base

Aircraft Maintenance: AME Mechanics (M) and Avionics (E) - Licensed & Apprentice

Maintenance Support: Technical Records; Maintenance Planning; Supply Chain (Parts/Tool Counter Support); Ground Handlers.

Flight Operations:  Pilots (Primary Flight Training Instructors and Ground Instructors), Multi-Engine Simulator Instructors, Flight Dispatchers

Administrative Support: Information Solutions, Accounting, Operational Support

Line Maintenance Base Vancouver, BC

Aircraft Maintenance: AME Mechanics (M) - Licensed & Apprentice, AME Avionics (E) - Licensed & Apprentice

Flight Operations: Pilots

Maintenance Support: Supply Chain Support

Canadian Helicopters (HNZ) and Canadian Base Operators (our program partners) offer careers in the following areas:

Canadian Helicopters (HNZ) –

AME Mechanics (M) - Licensed & Apprentice

Canadian Base Operators –

Air Traffic Controllers, Aeronautical Information Services, Navaids Technicians,  Aircraft Rescue Firefighters, Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Technicians, Flight Simulator Technicians, Roads & Grounds - airside and groundside maintenance responsibilities, Facilities Maintenance - general repair, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, Mechanics - heavy equipment and general purpose vehicles, Airfield Electrician - also responsible for facilities maintenance duties as denoted above, Housekeeping, Food Services, Transportation - company drivers, Administration - managerial, human resources, financial, work control and administration support.