Maintenance and Engineering

KF has been maintaining, modifying, and operating Convair CV580 aircraft for over 30 years. Dealing with all aspects of the aircraft has given KF the experience and expertise to provide first rate technical support for all of your aircraft needs.
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Convair Newsletter - May 2011PDF343.39 KB15 Apr, 2015 Download
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CV580 IPC Pricing PDF20.95 KB25 May, 2015 Download
CV580-IPC_Rev 4_Aug 15 2016PDC108.56 MB01 Nov, 2016 Download
SL 580-71-001 (QEC Quick Disc Mod)PDF25.53 KB29 Nov, 2016 Download
CV580 ADS-B OUT SolutionPDF1021.72 KB30 Nov, 2016 Download
CONVAIR DRAWING 9064142_NC-1 (QEC QUICK DISC MOD)PDC881.24 KB15 Dec, 2016 Download
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