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Kelowna Flightcraft
is now KF Aerospace.

After 45 years, it was time to perform a little maintenance on our brand. Our services have evolved over time, and we needed to better reflect who we are today -- a modern aerospace company with a timeless approach to our craft. After some time in the hangar, we’re proud to roll the new KF Aerospace out on to the ramp for the rest of the world to see.

Our History

Barry Lapointe and Jim Rogers started Kelowna Flightcraft with a dream of delivering aircraft maintenance and flight services across western Canada. Forty-five years later the company provides a wide range of aviation services to corporate, commercial and military customers worldwide. Dreams do come true.

Our Country

We’re proudly Canadian. Headquartered in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, our 800-strong, highly-skilled workforce achieve and exceed the same high standards Barry and Jim made famous. And with offices located all across Canada, our commitment to quality is now nation- and world-wide.

Our Evolution

We’re not just about the past. As our capabilities expanded, and we looked toward the future, we felt the need to better reflect who we are and where we’re headed. So we brought ourselves in for a little maintenance. We’d never change the pride and integrity in everything we do, or our drive to get every job done right and on time. In fact, our new identity is yet another expression of our pride and drive to get things just right. We hope you love it like we do.

Our Craft

Cargo Operations

Missed deliveries and work delays affect the bottom line. That’s why we have the best on time deliveries in the industry. We operate a fleet of aircraft and offer dispatch and flight crew services that can be tailored to fit any customer need, from a single flight to an ongoing schedule.

maintenance & engineering

Our experience in heavy maintenance, overhaul and modifications attracts customers from around the world to our main bases in Kelowna, BC and Hamilton, ON. With over 250,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, our support shops are second to none. In addition, we manufacture many parts on site, saving time on part orders.

defence programs

We train 80% of Canadian Air Force pilots, and operate from our facility in Southport, Manitoba. This fully integrated, turnkey training solution includes all aspects of training, aircraft maintenance, and facilities management for Multi-Engine and Rotary Wing. We have a long history of supporting military aviation programs in Canada including everything from heavy maintenance and upgrades to the Cosmo CC109 to extended lifecycle support for the DHC-5 Buffalo and DHC-6 Twin Otter.


With 45 years of owning, operating and dispatching fleets, we are equipped to tailor leasing programs for customers’ operational needs. Whether it’s a start-up operation requiring wet leasing, or an existing carrier that simply needs dry lease support, we will work with you to identity the right solution to support your business.