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KF Aerospace recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining professional credibility through effective instruction and continuous improvement of knowledge and skills. A flight instructor course is an excellent means to embrace this model and is an important instrument for continued professional development and participation among flight instructors across Canada.

Upcoming Courses:

Spring course cancelled due to COVID-19. Fall Course TBA.

Any questions, including future course date information, please click to send an email to the Course Manager or phone (204) 428-2591.

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Enrollment Prerequisites

Please review CAR's 421.66 to see if you qualify to renew your instructor rating via this course, as opposed to renewing via a Transport Canada flight test.

A maximum of 30 applicants will be accepted for on a first-come first-serve basis. Preference will be given to those holding a valid Instructor rating, aeroplane, at the commencement of the course.

Applicants who meet the qualifications for flight instruction set out in CAR's 425.21 may also be accepted (e.g. multi-engine class rating, instrument rating instructors).

Requirements for Renewal

Application for renewal for a flight instructor rating based on successful completion of a flight instructor refresher course will be accepted where:

  • A course completion certificate was issued within the preceding 90 days;
  • The flight instructor rating was valid on the first day of the course; and
  • The course is for the same category as the instructor rating held.

​A test flight is the only option if:

  • The flight instructor rating has expired;
  • The previous two renewals were through means other than a flight test; or
  • The instructor is undergoing follow-up action with respect to their flight test record (421.67).