Defence Programs
AW Grob

On completion of Phase I Primary, most students proceed to 2 Canadian Force Flying Training School (2 CFFTS) at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for Phase II training on the Beechcraft T-6A Harvard II aircraft. Some students will stay in Southport for a Phase II course on the Grob aircraft.

The Canada Wings Phase II Grob program is a recent addition to the training menu as a follow-on to the training delivered in Phase I, with the focus being on providing the fundamental skills and knowledge essential to proceed to Phase III Multi-engine or Phase III Helicopter. Grob Phase II is an intensive 6 month program covering advanced Clearhood, Instrument, Night, Navigation and Formation disciplines. Student pilot instruction is provided by contractor Flight Instructors under the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) program.

At the end of the Phase II program, students are streamed to Advanced Training on Jet, Rotary Wing or Multi-engine Fixed Wing aircraft. All those selected for the rotary wing or multi-engine programs return to Southport to follow one of the above programs outlined below.