Defence Programs
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Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control Services are skilled and experience professionals. The Air Traffic Controllers handle high volumes of mixed military and civilian traffic; averaging over 70,000 movements a year in a complex, parallel runway operation.

Fire and Crash Support

Canadian Base Operators provide Airfield Rescue and Firefighting services to Transport Canada Level 2 with highly trained and dedicated personnel who are equipped with all of the necessary equipment to properly respond to an airfield crash.

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintaining a high serviceability rate is key to ensuring that there are enough aircraft and helicopters to support the daily training program. Our two Aircraft Maintenance Organizations, KF Aerospace Maintenance & Engineering and Canadian Helicopters Limited have a full complement of skilled and experienced aircraft technicians who continually achieve 99% availability rates. Our two hangars provide over 78,000 sq ft of space to provide snag repair, regular and heavy maintenance on all of the fleets, as well as nightly storage.

Aeronautical Information Services

The KF Aerospace team provides a team of qualified and experienced weather briefers who support the program, by providing the services of a Flight Information Centre, managing the maps and aeronautical publications and provides weather briefings for local operations and for aircraft departing on cross-country training. The airfield is supported with the latest meteorological equipment including an Automated Weather Observation System, allowing for accurate weather information when AIS is not manned.

Airfield Maintenance

The KF aerospace team operators provide airfield maintenance and snow & ice control with a fleet of modern heavy vehicles and an exceptional team of experience operators. They are dedicated to maintaining the airfield in the best condition to support flying operations. Canadian Base Operators maintain all of the airfield navigational equipment (NBD, VOR ILS) as well as perform cyclic inspections and upgrades on equipment.