Defence Programs
Canadian Helicopters

Canadian Helicopters Ltd. (CHL) provides the helicopter maintenance for the rotary–wing training and ground based and simulation instructors.

CHL is the largest helicopter company in Canada, employing 650 people supporting 150 helicopters at over 40 bases across Canada. CHL recognizes the urgency of aircraft on–time availability and ensures its maintenance, airworthiness and procurement personnel and systems work.

It operates three flight schools across Canada and provides training to over 250 pilots per year with bilingual capability at two of those schools. CHL´s Penticton, BC based School of Advanced Flight Training has provided DND pilots high altitude training for over 50 years on an exclusive basis. This school is the recipient of the prestigious Canadian Air Division Commanders Commendation for outstanding quality of support.

Contact Information

4500, 1000 Airport Road
Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T9E 0V3

Tel: (780) 429–6900
Fax: (780) 429–6964