Defence Programs
King Air 2

Phase III Multi-Engine provides pilot trainees who have graduated from Phase II Basic with the fundamental skills and knowledge to continue to the operational conversion and subsequent employment on large multi-engine aircraft. The syllabus and flying missions are designed to make specific and challenging demands on the individual, including all routine aircraft handling, response to the full range of airborne emergencies, and the performance of complex instrument flight procedures during day and night operations. From the very first mission, the multi-engine program is taught on the basis of crew coordination as performed in multi-crew aircraft operations. The aircraft used for this training is the Hawker Beechcraft C-90B King Air aircraft.

An extremely important element during this phase of training is the state-of-the-art Level D full motion simulator, with high-end graphics. This Simulator provides a full range of training scenarios, including advanced VFR conditions, a full complement of IFR missions, and in-depth training in correctly handling both critical and non-critical ground and in-flight emergency situations, some of which could not safely be taught on the aircraft.

Upon completion of the Phase III Multi-Engine program, Canadian Air Force candidates receive their RCAF Pilot’s Wings and proceed to operational training units for conversion and tactical training on a wide range of aircraft such as the C-17 Globemaster, the C-130J Hercules, the A310 airbus, or the CP-140 Aurora.

King Air C-90B

KF Aerospace operates a fleet of King Air C–90B aircraft for the Phase III Multi-Engine program. A well proven training platform, it offers excellent handling qualities along with high reliability, and its twin turbine engine configuration provides for a fully pressurized cabin with air conditioned comfort in summer, as well as superior heating for comfortable winter operation. The King Air also features a recent generation avionics and instrument package. With its modern avionics suite the King Air C-90B is eminently suitable for teaching multi-engine, multi-crew and IFR skills. It has proven to be an ideal lead-in for pilots destined for operational squadrons in the heavy transport, maritime patrol or search and rescue roles.