Defence Programs
Rotary Wing2

The six month Phase III Helicopter program uses both the Bell 206 (B206) Jet Ranger and the Bell 412CF (B412CF) Outlaw helicopters along with a full range of simulation to provide the necessary training to best prepare selected candidates for the complex nature of operational military flying.

Candidates will begin their initial Rotary Wing training conversion on the Bell 206B Jet Ranger, one of the most successful commercial helicopters in production. Its single turbine engine, high inertia rotor blades and outstanding durability make it one of the best helicopters available for teaching basic helicopter skills to new pilots

Once candidates have mastered basic helicopter flying, they will continue their training on the win turbine engine B412CF Outlaw, an updated variant of the “Griffon” which is in operational use with the RCAF.The excellent avionics suite on board the B412CF Outlaw makes it an ideal platform for IFT training. Aircrew are introduced at this stage of training to the automation provided by flight management systems, the ability to act as part of a crew, and Night Vision Goggle flight.the B412CF Outlaw has proven itself to be an excellent lead-in trainer to the more sophisticated and larger helicopters currently in operational use in the RCAF.

Most of the IF and emergency training is being conducted on the flying training devices that support the program. Both the B206 Jet Ranger and the B412CF Outlaw have Cockpit Procedures trainers and the B412CF Outlaw has a Full Motion, Level D Flight Simulator built by Flight Safety International. The simulators also permit highly complex and realistic emergency training without the risk to the pilots and/or aircraft. Contractor instructors (many of whom are former military pilots) provide all the ground school and simulation instruction throughout the Rotary Wing program, with flight instruction provided by military qualified flight instructors.

Upon completion of the Phase III Rotary Wing program the graduates receive their coveted RCAF Pilot’s Wings and then proceed to operational training units for conversion to new aircraft types, and mission training specific to those aircraft.

More information on the helicopter and flying training device specifications are provided below.

Bell 206B Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is a well proven solution for pilot training and is used by many training organizations worldwide. Its hydraulically assisted flight controls and single turbine engine make it an ideal rotary wing training aircraft and its high inertia rotor system is excellent for practice auto rotations. The aircraft features include air conditioning, crash-worthy fuel cells and an avionics and instrumentation setup that make it an ideal rotary wing conversion platform. As well its intuitively designed cockpit layout provides for an excellent introduction to advanced rotary wing exercises including slope landings, engine–out handling, and successfully dealing with emergency situations.

Bell 412 CF Outlaw

The Bell 412 CF Outlaw is one of the world’s most rugged and reliable medium sized twin-engine helicopters, having proven itself from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf. A daily workhorse for even the most extreme operational environments, it offers high dispatch reliability, rupture-resistant fuel cells, energy-absorbing crew seats, and a resilient fuselage, along with an expansive cabin for flexibility in cargo and personnel plus dual digital automatic controls for flexibility and future growth.

The Bell 412 CF Outlaw aircraft introduces rotary wing pilot candidates to the world of advanced twin engine helicopter operation, along with more complex and challenging VFR, IFR and NVG operating conditions. The aircraft avionics include a full 4 display color EFIS, Universal UNS–1L FMS, and a Collins Radio package. The aircraft is also certified for Night Vision Goggle operation. These commercially successful utility helicopters are used by many civilian and military organizations around the world.