KF Capital

KF Capital is a private wealth fund owned by Barry Lapointe, an aviation entrepreneur, based in Kelowna, BC. It is the parent company of the KF Aerospace group (www.kfaero.ca).

Investment Focus: We focus on private equity-like investments in the aviation field and various related fields. Our largest holding is KF Aerospace, which is a prominent supplier of air cargo services, MRO services and military training services. We are open to co-investments with other like-minded investors and family offices.

Aircraft Leasing: We own several B737 aircraft, in passenger, cargo or combi configurations and lease the same to airlines in Canada pursuant to finance leases and operating leases. We also have a significant investment in Aergen Leasing, an aircraft operating lease company based in Dublin, Ireland (www.aergen.com) that specializes in mid-life, narrow body aircraft. We are seeking investment opportunities for older aircraft that would complement our fleet and take advantage of our MRO capabilities.

Milit-Air: We are the holders of certain bonds issued by Milit-Air Inc., a special purpose entity that was established to facilitate the NATO Flying Training Contract in Canada. We take issue with the recent Management Information Circular issued by the Board of Milit-Air and have circulated our dissident circular to bondholders. A copy of this circular can be found here.

Management: Barry Lapointe is the Chairman and CEO of KF Capital. Day-to-day business is managed by Vern Kakoschke, President.

Contact: For further information, please contact Vern Kakoschke at v.kakoschke@kfaero.ca.