N304WL_Departure 006

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is a three-engine wide-body jet airliner manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. The DC-10 has range for medium- to long-haul flights. Its most distinguishing feature is the two turbofan engines mounted on under wing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer.

Maximum Takeoff Weight (lbs) 572,000
Maximum Landing Weight (lbs) 421,000
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (lbs) 401,000
Operating Empty Weight (lbs) 238,500
Fuel Capacity (usg) 36,650
Maximum Payload (lbs) 162,500
Main Deck Cargo Volume (ft³) 12,236
Lower Hold Cargo Volume (ft³) 3,980
Total Cargo Volume (ft³) 16,216
Maximum Range (nm) 6,750
Range with Maximum Payload (nm) 3,100