Maintenance and Engineering
Combi - 737 - CN - Oct 2014 (27)

On-Site Engineering Support

Co-located with our MRO, KF's on-site engineers are directly connected with your project throughout the modification and design phase. Our team is ready to respond for any liaison work required. 

KF has extensive modification design and certification experience and is the holder of hundreds of design approvals.

  • B737 Combi
  • B737/727 Avionics Modifications
  • B757/737/727 Interior Modifications
  • CV5800 Program (Fuselage lengthening)
  • CV580 Airtanker Program
  • CV580 Cargo Door Installation
  • CV580 Loads Monitoring Program
  • CV580 FAA Avionics Flying Testbed Program

Structures/Interior Modifications

  • LOPAs
  • Various seating configurations (with IFE and without), emergency equipment installations, fleet standardization, PSU layouts, carpet layouts
  • Fleet wide modifications and Installations
  • Seat modifications
  • FA Seat Installations
  • Monument Installations
  • Galley insert Installations (coffee maker, ovens, carts, trolleys, containers)
  • Galley modifications
  • Lavatory Installations
  • In Seat Power system design
  • Ceiling, overhead bin, PSU rail, and floor panel modifications
  • Antenna Installations
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance analysis


  • In Seat Power system 
  • ADS-B 
  • DataLink 
  • ePhone System Installation 
  • Cabin Altitude Warning 
  • Cockpit Printer instl
  • TCAS 7.1 
  • EGPWS 
  • Class II EFB Provisions
  • Special Mission Audio System

ADS-B OUT Solutions

KF Aerospace is offering a fully customizable ADS-B OUT solution for the B737 Classic series aircraft under Canadian STC SA16-86, FAA STC ST04020NY, and EASA STC 10062041. Under these STC’s the following transponder-GPS pairings have been approved:

  • Collins Aerospace TPR-901 transponders with CMC CMA-5024 GPS units
  • ACSS XS-950 transponders with CMC CMA-5024 GPS units
  • Honeywell TRA-100B transponders with CMC CMA-5024 GPS units
  • Honeywell TRA-100B transponders with Collins Aerospace GPS-4000S GPS units
  • An additional pairing with Collins Aerospace TPR-901 transponders and CMC CMA-3024 GPS units is currently pending approval.

Don’t see a transponder or GPS unit above you like?

Contact us and KF Aerospace Engineering can approve your preferred transponder-GPS pairing. For detailed pricing and configuration options for ADS-B Out solutions please contact Connor Badowich at