Maintenance and Engineering
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Our Component Shop performs repairs and overhaul on various types of components and landing gear for a variety of aircraft types, including Boeing 727 and 737’s, Boeing-Douglas, Convair, and De Havilland Buffalo and Twin Otter.

The repair processes that require plating, machining, NDT, painting, and shot peening are all completed onsite in our facility.

Please see below a sample of our Component Shop's capabilities:

Component Shop Capabilities:
BOEING 727 / 737
Overhaul and Repair of Boeing 727/737 Wheel Assemblies and Components
Brake Assemblies and Components

  • Krueger Flap Actuators
  • Ground Spoiler Actuators
  • Slat Actuators
Flap Position Transmitters
Engine Mounts and Housings
I/B and O/B Flap Carriages
I/B and O/B Flap Tracks
Air stair Assemblies and Components

  • Aileron Lockout Gearboxes
  • Flap Drive Gearboxes
Cargo Handling System Components
Cargo Door Components:

  • Selector Valves
  • Relief Valves
Torque Tubes
Tube Assemblies
Webber and Castle Seat Assemblies and Components
Coffee Makers and Ovens
Repair of Boeing 727 JT8D Engine Bleed Valves
Fuel Filters
Repair of Boeing-Douglas Lavatory Check Valves
Overhaul and Repair of DHC-5 DHC-6 Hydraulic Actuators:

  • Landing Gear Actuators
  • Rudder Actuators
  • Steering Actuators
  • Spoiler Actuators
Repair of DHC-5 DHC-6 Hydraulic Tanks
Hydraulic Tubes
Cleaning of DHC-5 DHC-6 Hydraulic Filters
Overhaul and Repair of Convair 240/340/440/580/5800
Wheel Assemblies and Components
Brake Assemblies and Components
Anti-Skid Solenoid Valves, Check Valves, Depressurization Valves, Drain Valves, Emergency Latch Valves, Flow Regulator Valves, Fuel Vent Valves, Hydraulic Relief Valve, Metering Check Valves, Nose Steering Actuator Valves, NLG Relief Valves, Power Brake Valves, Relief Valves, Restrictor Valves, Snubber Valves
Hydraulic Accumulators
Propeller Brush Block Assemblies
Air stair Actuators, Nacelle Vent Actuators, Nose Steering Actuators, Main Entrance Door Actuators, Oil Cooler Door Actuators
Torque Tubes
Landing Lights
Overhaul of Convair 240/340/440/580/5800 Lord Mounts and Housings
Repair of Convair 240/340/440/580/5800 Filters:
High Pressure Fuel Filters, Power Section Oil Filters, Prop Filters, Reduction Gearbox Oil Filters, Speed Sense Filters
Hydraulic Components
Micro switches
Tube Assemblies
Allison Engine Anti-Ice Shrouds
Windshield Wiper Components:
Speed Control Valves, Wiper Actuating Units, Wiper Control Units
Window Frames
Fuel Manifolds
Overhaul and Repair of Convair 580/5800 GTC Alternator Drives
Cargo Door Components