type certificate holder for worldwide fleet of Convair aircraft

As the type certificate holder for Convair aircraft (and their derivatives) KF Aerospace Engineering is responsible for supporting the worldwide fleet of Convair aircraft. This includes AOG repair support, part manufacturing and maintenance of the required technical documents for continued airworthiness. We have been responsible for the Convair products for well over a decade and have become very proficient in dealing with the many issues that are attributed to this out-of-production aircraft such as part, material and specification obsolescence and repair design/approval.

  • Manufacturing Type Certificate holder for all Convair Aircraft including 340, 440, 580, 5800, 580 Air Tanker
  • STC’s: Cargo door, Stretch, Cargo interior, Combi (half passenger/freight)

As the Type Certificate holder KF Aerospace has the ability to develop significant aircraft modifications on the Convair aircraft such as the CV5800 Stretch program, CV580 Cargo Door conversion, CV580 Turbine conversion, CV580 extended fuel program, CV580 Air tanker program.

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As the Type Certificate holder, KF Aerospace has access to airframes, engineering, and maintenance to provide a customer with a customized CV cargo or fire-fighting solution.

There are currently no CV580 or CV5800’s available for immediate lease or sale. Conversion programs typically take 6 months.

Customized sales and/or leasing solutions are available.

As the OEM for Convair, KF Aerospace can provide the parts, rotables, and rotable repairs you require to keep your CV in operation.

The Sales Group at KF is responsible for all parts sold from KF inventory or manufactured to order.  This service includes parts research, certification integrity, price and availability quoting, parts expediting and invoicing.

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KF Aerospace is the Type Certificate and STC Holder for the Allison Prop Jet Convair, or CV580 – a two-engine, low-wing, medium-range commercial transport available for lease. Learn more.

Technical Support & Engineering

KF has been maintaining, modifying, and operating Convair CV580 aircraft for over 30 years. Dealing with all aspects of the aircraft has given KF the experience and expertise to provide first-rate technical support for all of your aircraft needs.

For Technical Support please contact ConvairTechSupport@kfaero.ca
For SSD Reporting please contact drwg.doc.ctrl@kfaero.ca

Technical Documents & Bulletins: