Parts requests or sales & services inquiries

Our professional supply chain team supports KF Aerospace’s maintenance, engineering and flight operations and our sites and facilities. Utilizing industry-best practices on procurement, warehousing/distribution and inventory management, we’re committed to helping our customers save time and money on major projects and routine maintenance needs.

Please contact for all supply chain inquiries.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management team at KF Aerospace applies industry best practices, ensuring effective stocking methodologies and controls are in place to support all facilities, warehouses and customer contract demands.

We use advanced analytics and strategies to increase on-time fill rates and reduce costs and on-site time for your aircraft. Using data and forecasting to optimize our inventory, our team knows exactly what is needed to complete your project, increasing our efficiency and helping you save time and money.

When you schedule your aircraft with KF Aerospace, our Inventory Management team will ensure:

  • Inventory levels are analyzed and effectively established to support our induction of your aircraft
  • We collaborate with our supply chain management team, hangar managers and hangar planners to ensure the parts are there and ready to be used in the project
  • We work with you to review and analyze potential cost savings and product substitutions

Our team consistently maintains an average on-time fill rate of over 95%.

The inventory management team at KF Aerospace is responsible for all day-to-day inventory management at KF facilities, including:

  • Annual audits of all inventory-related items such as tooling, consumables, shop supplies, rotables and raw materials.
  • Part administration within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Identifying and addressing inventory-related discrepancies

Procurement & Repairs

Let us handle procurement on your next project. Our procurement team looks for the best price, best quality and best lead times for your project. We ensure safety stock levels are on hand and met so that your project can be completed on time and on budget, with verified certificates on parts and rotables.

Want to supply your own parts? No problem. We’ll work with you to make sure you get what you want for your project.

We work closely with you to ensure purchasing is specific to your project, keeping you informed on the pace of the check and ensuring approvals are met. You’ll have a direct line to us when we’ve established the buy for the project and all parts lists are tracked and supplied to you in a daily report.

We also ensure quality. Everything we buy must be certified and checked by us.

We are responsible for sourcing, purchasing and providing all the tooling for your projects.

When you need repairs for rotables (moving parts that can’t be overhauled), our repair team will source a shop that has capabilities to repair that item, provide a quote and turnaround time.

Our sales group is responsible for all parts sold from KF inventory. This service includes parts research, certification integrity, price and availability quoting, parts expediting and invoicing. One of the major responsibilities of this group is to ensure the quality and availability of the Convair support inventory for the worldwide aircraft fleet.

Warehouse & Distribution

The Warehouse & Logistics team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service in the warehousing and logistical needs of our customers.

When a customer aircraft has a repairable component to support an onsite project ranging, we cover the full spectrum of the project.

Our shipping staff are trained in the safe and timely handling of customer material and are certified to handle controlled goods for a military application or hazardous material. We’re committed to constant communication with you on timelines and cost impact.

We ensure all products received at KF are compliant with all standards, have sufficient shelf life and ensure the product is necessary. We perform quality assurance checks to ensure all components needed in your project are satisfactory – whether supplied by use or your own supplied parts.

Utilizing over 57,000 square feet of warehouse space and analytical support, our warehouse & distribution team targets picking all orders in 30 minutes or less.

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