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KF has created over 200 STC’s over the last 30 years. Call us today to see how we can create a solution to support your unique business needs.

Our in-house engineering design approval organization is the holder of several STCs that are available for purchase for your aircraft. For STC sales enquiries please contact us at  

Aircraft Type  STC Description  STC No.  International Approval 
737-200; -300; -400; -500 series  Cabin Altitude Warning Reliability Improvement. Installation of a secondary altitude pressure switch and audio warning module. 

Note: This STC is an AMOC to FAA AD2015-21-11. 

SA17-123  FAA (ST04684NY) 

EASA (10074828) 

737-300; -400; -500 series  ADS-B Out Utilizing Collins TPR-901, Honeywell TRA-100B, or ACSS XS-950 transponders.  SA16-86  FAA (ST04020NY) 

EASA (10062041) 

ANAC (2021S03-13) 

CAAM (VSTC-2021-033) 

737-300; -400; -500 series  Fuel Quantity Indicating System conversion from kgs to lbs.  SA21-71  FAA (ST04682NY) 
737-300; -400; -500 series  EFB Installation and Power Provisions.  SA17-17  FAA (ST09582NY) 
737-400 series  390 U.S. Gal Auxiliary Fuel Tank Removal and Deactivation for aircraft undergoing cargo conversion IAW FAA STC ST01827LA.  SA21-42  FAA (ST04670NY) 
737-600 series  Lavatory E Installation  SA19-18  FAA (ST04448NY) 
737-800 series  Lavatory D and E Provisions Installation  SA18-10  FAA (ST04280NY) 
737-600; -700; -800 series  In Seat Power.  SA16-55 



FAA (ST04481NY) 

FAA (ST03951NY) 

FAA (ST03565NY) 

737-700; -800 series  SATCOM System Demodification.  SA21-27 
737-8 MAX series  Cabin ePhone (wireless handset)  SA17-109  Column 4 Value 10
CL-415  Auto Pilot  SA04-32  EASA (EASA.IM.A.S.01896) 
737-600; -700; -800 series Installation of a Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) for the CVR system. SA22-71


In addition, KFA’s in-house engineering design approval organization is the holder of several serialized STCs that can be modified to suit the needs of your aircraft:

Aircraft Type  STC Description  STC No. 
737-200; -300 series  Oxygen remote fill system installation  P-LSA21-054/D 
737-200; -300; -400 series  Alternate Escape Slides Modification.  P-LSA20-030/D 
737-300 series  ECS Modification.  P-LSA19-019/D 
737-36N series  Flight Attendant Seat Installation  P-LSA14-063/D 
737-700 series  Emergency Equipment Installation.  P-LSA21-059/D 
767-300 series  Cockpit Printer Installation  P-LSA15-050/D 
ATR 42-320 series  Class E Compartment Modification  P-LSA20-045/D 
ATR 42-300; -320 series  Iridium Antenna Structural Provisions  P-LSA16-057/D 
King Air C90B  ADS-B Out utilizing Collins TDR-94D transponders with antenna diversity.  P-LSA21-006/D