Executive Team

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Barry Lapointe

President & CEO

Tracy Medve

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Gregg Evjen

Chief Corporate Services Officer (CCSO)

Grant Stevens

Vice President of Defence Programs

Peter Fedak

Chief Financial Officer

Shane Grant

Director of Flight Operations

Richard Mrazek

Director of Business Development

Bryan Akerstream

Director, Heavy Maintenance

Gobi Krishnan

Director, Human Resources

Anne Downie

Chief Information Officer

Malcolm McAllister

General Counsel

Jesse Bernhardt

*Media Relations: 250-491-5500

Grant Stevens

Senior Management Team

Southport Site Manager

Jeff Flectcher

Supply Chain Manager

Jillian Stuart

Repair Engineering Manager

Martin Gamma

Project Engineering Manager

Bradley Schroeder

QA Manager

Wayne Samsonoff

Shops & Manufacturing Manager

Mike Edwards

MRO Planning Manager

Kevin Kolenc