KF Capital Ltd. Board of Directors

The KF Capital Board’s key responsibilities encompass a range of crucial functions. Primarily, they work closely with the CEO to set the principal objectives for the company, ensuring that KF’s goals align with our vision. A significant part of their role involves overseeing and guiding the CEO’s management of our business operations, while also rigorously evaluating our group’s performance against these objectives.

The Board also acts as a responsible custodian of the KF Capital Group’s assets. This involves a keen focus on monitoring and mitigating risks and ensuring the sustainable growth and stability of our organization. The Board diligently adheres to all applicable laws, discharging their duties with the utmost integrity and governing the group in line with best practices.

At the heart of its mission, the Board upholds the values and principles that define the KF Aerospace Group. Their commitment to these ideals is reflected in every decision and action, reinforcing our position as a leader in the aerospace industry.

Barry Lapointe, Founder and Chair

David Burke, Director

Noel C. O’Brien, Director

Stephen Plummer, Director

Rick Giacomuzzi, Director

Sally Dennis, Director

President & CEO

Tracy Medve, Director