With a larger area, wide wingspan and greater fuel capacity, the Boeing 737-800 from KF is ready for lease.

The B737-800SF Cargo Conversion consists of the installation of a 86″x137″ cargo door on the left side of the fuselage, and modification of the main deck to a Class E cargo compartment. After conversion, the aircraft can carry eleven 88”x125” AAA full height containers or pallets plus one AEP/AEH , with pallet weights up to 8,000 lbs. The cargo door is hydraulically operated and actuated from the inside of the aircraft by an independent system. Hydraulic pressure is available from two sources; a 28VDC electrically operated hydraulic pump or a manual hand pump. The door control and manual pump are located on the 9g barrier, allowing a single person to operate the door manually.

  • Twelve Main Deck Pallet Positions, Eleven 88”X125” full height AAA ULD’s plus one 53”X88”X64” Pallet or AEP/
    AEH or 60.4”X61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5”X88”X56”H AYY

  • Up to 52,700 LB (23,904 KG) Main Deck Payload
    (depending on Model & Aircraft Weight Limits)

  • 86”x137” main deck cargo door

  • Single Vent Door System

  • Seat tracks added at BL0 and LBL/RBL62.5

  • New floor beams installed aft of the wing box

  • Low profile 1.25” Ancra International Cargo Loading System

  • 9g rigid cargo / smoke barrier with sliding door

  • Main deck and lower decks converted to Class “E” Cargo Compartment, with one minute smoke detection system, lower lobe fire suppression retained

  • Cabin windows replaced with lightweight aluminum window plugs

  • High reliability, 28VDC, independent hydraulic system

  • Stretch Formed fuselage skins

  • 5 Supernumerary Seats


Boeing 737-800SF Cargo Conversion

Maximum Takeoff Weight (lbs)


Maximum Landing Weight (lbs)


Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (lbs)


Operating Empty Weight (lbs)


Fuel Capacity (USG)


Maximum Payload (lbs)

Up to 52,700

Main Deck Cargo Volume (ft³)


Lower Hold Cargo Volume (ft³)


Total Cargo Volume (ft³)