KF can supply your Mobile Repair Party needs in short notice.

We have access to over 400 AME’s & Technicians and facilities across Canada

Our MRP crews have rescued aircraft from runway excursions, rough landings, and collisions. In the past five years, we have attended airports across North and Central America to assess, repair, and return aircraft to service.

Coupled with our internal engineering capabilities, KF is an ideal solution to get your aircraft back in operation.

Twin Otter Rescue in Nunavut

In March 2019, an RCAF CC-138 Twin Otter was damaged after hitting a snowbank while conducting training in Nunavut, in Canada’s far north.

As the contracted maintenance partners for the RCAF’s West Coast FWSAR, KF Aerospace sent a team of experts to dismantle and assist in shipping the aircraft back to KF’s Kelowna facility for repairs. The Twin Otter was soon returned to service.

“This dedication and commitment to success and the professional approach to aviation maintenance excellence did not go unnoticed by our crew. They represent what KF Aerospace strives to deliver, and that is superior aircraft support to all their clients. Please convey my personal gratitude and accolades to your maintenance staff and to your whole team for the support in this recovery.”

– Lieutenant-Colonel Devlon Paquette (440 Squadron Commanding Officer)

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