• In 2014, Kelowna Flightcraft developed the world’s first Quick Change Combi Boeing 737-300 aircraft
  • PEMCO cargo door 8 cargo containers 30 minute change to: 136 passengers or Cargo, Full passenger or Cargo/Passenger
  • The combi STC was issued to Kelowna Flightcraft on December 3, 2014
  • The first 737-300 combi was delivered to Canadian North airlines on November 14, 2014 and operates in the Canadian Arctic

Boeing 737-300F Quick Change Combi Conversion
Maximum Takeoff Weight (lbs) 139,500
Maximum Landing Weight (lbs) 116,600
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (lbs) 109,600
Operating Empty Weight (lbs) 66,100
Fuel Capacity (usg) 5,310
Maximum Payload (lbs) 43,500
Main Deck Cargo Volume (ft³) 3,520
Lower Hold Cargo Volume (ft³) 1,068
Total Cargo Volume (ft³) 4,588
Maximum Range (nm) 2,900
Range with Maximum Payload (nm) 1,650